Visiting in hospital with All The 8's Private Hire Cars (Taxi) Services - We'll get you there and back calm and stress free.

Want to visit a loved one in hospital?

Don't want the stress of parking and paying extortionate parking fees?

Colchester General Hospital

We'll get you there calm and stress free.

If you're visiting a loved one who's sick in hospital the last thing they need is you turning up stressed after spending 30 minutes trying to find a parking space and then worrying about getting back to the car before you get a parking ticket.

We'll drop you off right at the main entrance or the entrance to one of the wings - wherever you need to be so you can be calm and stress free when your loved one sees you.

We can be there waiting for you when it's time to leave

Leave when you want. Let us know what time you want picking up and we'll be waiting for you.